ok so . i stumbled across vox's asmr rp because well. i saw hot art on twitter and what's an angel supposed to do. go and NOT listen when it seems like there's a canon blowjob you're giving a demon. that's sick as hell obviously.

anyway.. i listened to the WHOLE 2 HOUR THING while rigging and well. i lost my shit frankly. i couldn't stop laughing eheh. i love vox a lot and to rp for 2 hours is very hard so he's talented for that obvs but i was also like HELP AHAHAHHA * doubles over in laughter *

i sort of described it as like. imagine real gay sex is like cleaning a car's engine yourself... removing all the parts with a number of well loved tools... cleaning out the old grease .... feeling the grooves for irregularities (you know it by heart) .... gently slipping in ball bearings ... and finally lifting the heart back into the machine that lets you fly at speeds thought impossible. well this stream was like going out and buying a mercedes and thinking you did all that.

i think. i think vox was going for dom vibes especially with the violence n stuff but as a sort of . sort of dom i suppose as much as an angel can be a dom i was like . this is soooo funny silly not dom moments. the aftercare bit i was like *raises eyebrow* it made me actually . sort of mad because. you don't bring aftercare into the scene .... that's kindof rule one. esp if you're playing with violence then aftercare is non negotiable and both parties do their part etc. etc. and again it made me sort of feel like the car thing . because sex is machinerey to me teehee they are both so intimate and intense and playful to me smiles so cutely.

in general i think he had some really nice moments.. i thought the buildup to the initial collar pull was nice and well executed. but past that the tension was a bit flat to me. i do write off the cuff gay sex in my head when i'm bored in lecture so i know it's possible to keep that tension even if you're improv-ing (or well. maybe an angel can but not a demon? who knows !) generally i thought it focused like suuuper heavy on these big actions which are good but... real ones know that that's not the main event you're there for.

i'm into fantasy because i can spend infinity luxuriating in my lover's skin and smell and pulling out one of their moans to lim x--> a until i'm dizzy with pleasure not because . i can hear a sound effect played and mouth noises one billion times . vox baby i love you but it sounded like you were taking out retainers one time there i'm not lying thats the exact sound when i take out my retainers . i'm really really into audio, love listening to sounds . um but i thought the orchestra was sort of off ? i tend to see sex and intimacy as one big collision of sounds and textures and smells and heartbeats and trying to recreate that without real flesh in front of you is impossible i'm afraid ...

what else was i thinking about . ermmmmmm yeah OH he said bitch way too much like mannnnn come on that's the ugliest swear. that tch . it's jarring . it's grating . go with a good bastard . cunt even . there's so much beauty in swears and you have to go and a) make it hetero (ew) b) misogynistic flavored (double ew) and c) aurally unpleasant (the opposite of the whole deal).

this is an insane first entry in here but uh . hope you enjoyed if anyone is reading this i love you all i'm kissing you so softly and gently and lifting your head up lightly with my fingertips full of electricity and leaning into your mouth and . ok lovey ou for real

EDIT (8/6/2022): apparently ALL OF HIS RPS ARE LIKE THIS ????????? HUH ????????????????? how is . how is he still corpo oh my gawd ok where can i sign up to make porn for people LIVE ON YOUTUBE ? and no one bats an eye . i would never it's too much work but dear lird . gawd damn.