dude i hate twitter. look at this shit man.

ok actually today has been a pretty bad day online so i really need to catstrup. as an internet angel i have some pretty strong feelings about things and people and my bottom line is that i always want to love and support everyone with all of my heart and help people heal as much as i can, yk?

let me .. start with the first thing. so i'm in this discord server and it's really big, there's a bunch of artists and some of them are pretty young ! theyre figuring shit out and how to be people and are awkward and hopeful and proud of what they've accomplished. they have strong opinions and want to rebel from the things that they've been forced to endure. and i love them all and i hope with all my heart that they have a good journey through everything .

but we were talking about the word femb/y right. and i have transfem friends and im transmasc and gnc af and i feel pretty damn strongly about respecting people and """"""giving up """"" certain words (silly thing to say. """"giving up"""" a word . ) if other people have been hurt by them . i read this one deviantart post on that word a year or so back and it really changed my mind on it. i personally think it really sucks to say if you're not transfem and i encourage other people ESPECIALY !!!! cis people to yk avoid it ! say feminine / femme man or boy or w/e but like yk don't use That word . and i said something in this server ok maybe a little harshly but i do feel strongly about it saying "hey this word is transmisogynistic and you can use it to describe yourself but dont use it for others and i wouldnt say it in a big server like this ! " which i think is fair !

side tangent. i think the internet hsa a different set of rules than the flesh world . we all sort of know this at a base level yk but genuinely i tink that the internet exists in a space without nuance currnetly. and every action i take / thing i say, i think about that. so for example, yes, the use of the word is super nuanced and tricky and if i saw anyone in real life reclaiming it, i wouldn't be an asshole about it ! beause there's nuance! and online if someone reclaimeed it for themselves i also wouldnt be mad etc. etc. but the bit where the no nunance comes in is just like. i take the least common denominator when using words on the internet. if someone's gonna be upset by it, i'll use a diff word ! just so they can feel comfortable :] because i love them and i care about them >,< and it doesn't matter to me because it's not my place to say if someoen else is uncomfy by it.

anyway . there was this kid who was saying i just "wanted to be mad about soemthing " and it genuiunely made me cry real tears (mostly because i've been gaslight so heavily by people in power about being agressive or suicidal etc. ) because ... imagine thinking that a real life angel . is mad about something . not that i care because someone else could be hurt. it's wild to me . it's painful to me.

and this ties back into the image above yk. thinking that all americans are evil. what an evil thing to say. imagine not realizing the depth of the environment they grow up in. the hate that surrounds people. the carelessness of parents and the disregard for other people's emotions. maybe i just Feel too much i dunno but it seems like poeple will go to such great lengths to try and define other people as evil when in reality. very little people are evil.

doko left neocities today and yk what . i agree with so much of the stuff they said, people really jsut are . i dunno what it is . it's not good though . i think we need more angels T_T hmu if you wanna be blessed by this here catboy i can do uhhhhhhh actually i dont have that much power (guardian angel not seraphim or any of those fancy ass guys ) but i can give you a hug

love you all im kinda evil today anyway minecraft will fix me ^_^b